The programme seeks to build interest, understanding, confidence and skills of youth, women and men to engage in securing sustainable livelihood options (farming, VS&L, Petty trading, Poultry, Animal husbandry, skills training and apprenticeship) to support their families and the education and other welfare of their children. In farming, the programme will support its target beneficiaries (individuals and/or groups of farmers) with crop seeds, farming tools and materials, processing facilities and trainings to enhance production and productivity. The groups of farmers will be registered as cooperatives and linked to the markets; financial services and MAFFS for recognition and future opportunities. The programme will further seek to introduce new methods and technologies (such as solar driers) into Agricultural ventures that add value to their products.

Where necessary, the programme will support its targets groups especially women and youth with business capital and capacitate them in business skills, marketing and finance to ensure the sustainability of their small scale enterprises.  The basic literacy and numeracy for youth and adults will be addressed through the programme.

Also the programme will introduce VS&L scheme to its beneficiaries and provide them with start-up kits backed with trainings to enhance smooth running of the scheme. This scheme will serve as a safety net and sustainable drive that will support their livelihood interventions and the welfare of the families and children even when the programme shall have faced out.

The organisation will also be embarking on construction of culverts and feeder roads in order to link farming communities to the market. This will however, increase the chances of farmers to produce more and take their produce to the market for sales. The accessibility of such feeder roads will also lead to the influx of more traders in the respective communities to promote farm gate interaction.

This thematic area will target not only the healthy but vulnerable and challenged youth and adults in their communities to be able to support their families.

Harvesting of Rice

Harvesting of Groundnut

Training on the use of the solar dryer