Leadership and governance will be linked with other thematic pillars in order to sustain these programmes to bring about a change in the lives of the target groups and their communities. The organisation will foster the active participation and engagement of women in all of its developmental strides. This will therefore trigger communities to be responsive in giving leadership roles and responsibilities to women and youth. The programme will seek to increase women and youth’s presence in leadership and governance positions at community, chiefdom and district levels. This would therefore be enhanced through consistent engagement with stakeholders on the relevance for women and youth’s inclusion and participation in governance. At operational communities, the organisation will see to it that all structures established by the programme will be gender sensitive and women and youth will be in leadership positions. Also, the programme will embark on popularization of existing policies, acts, bye-laws etc. to enhance the understanding of their content and as well remind duty bearers about their responsibilities and enable the right holders to demand for their rights and entitlements.