For AAD-SL, Education will include building the capacities of children, youth and women through formal, informal and non-formal education within their communities. This is done through formal and informal engagement with communities, individuals, institutions (local and central Government, local and international NGOs, CSOs etc.) to mobilize and harness positive change in the intellect of targeted groups.  Learning will include but not limited to Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy, skills training, Creative Practical Arts (CPA), L&DS, quiz competition, media programmes etc.

Furthermore, the organisation will work in close collaboration with MEST at all levels to create enabling environments that promote quality and affordable education through the following:

  • Provision of School furniture
  • Provision of teaching and learning materials
  • Provision of water and sanitation facilities such as toilets and toiletries, water wells to Schools and communities
  • Offering scholarships to vulnerable children in primary and secondary school level
  • Hygiene promotion in Schools and communities
  • Capacity building of School related structures (SMCs, CTAs, Teachers and Heads of Schools, School clubs, School Boards etc.) through trainings
  • Distance learning programme for untrained and unqualified teachers with preference to those in remote areas.
  • Advocacy and lobby for increase enrolment in school and increase allocation of funds
  • Engage in and capacitate relevant School authorities in School monitoring, supervision, mentoring and coaching
  • Construction of School structure
  • Strengthen the capacity of community structures, stakeholders and enhance their knowledge for local community involvement in supporting and monitoring education systems in their communities

Distribution of School materials

Beneficiaries from school