We believe that no programme can be brought to scale without working on advocacy. Therefore, whatever we do, will have some form of advocacy /lobby as a drive to bring long term change to communities and Sierra Leone at large. The activities will include building the capacities (using “Col-Wata-En-Malice” tool), of others especially our target groups to advocate for themselves through Performing for Peace (P4P) and discern their own discourse.


AAD-SL will use an innovative approach to address women’s issues for development.  It is to build the capacity of women on leadership, governance, rights and protection and support them to work on their own behalf.  Implementing the assessments, planning on short and long term goals and building their capacities in facilitation, communication, advocacy, lobby skills.  Women will be able to present their issues to duty bearers to achieve their own discourse. AAD-SL will create a safe and enabling environment for women to articulate their concerns in the Agenda for Prosperity (PRSP 3 ).

Equity & Equality

We understand that equality is important especially when including women, children and the physically challenged.  But this alone will not suffice when it comes to power and economical struggles of the disadvantage or the vulnerable, therefore our programmes will look into both lenses of equality and equity to deliver on our programming results.


AAD-SL operates nationwide. For current funding, we are delivering our services within the North of Sierra Leone (Bombali and Port Loko Districts). AAD-SL’s commitment to service cannot be limited except for areas where staff safety is at a threat.