AAD-SL will either engage in direct advocacy or capacitate its target beneficiaries (children, youth and women) to advocate for themselves on protection issues and build capacities of existing structures to deliver on laws and rights that protect its citizens.  Building the capacities of communities will help them to be self-reliant and be better prepared to apply result-focused approaches to challenge issues bordering on their human rights and protection.  As a desired outcome of AAD- SL’s Protection drive, communities will actively advocate against abuses like Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Violence Against Women/Girls (VAW/G), Women Exploitation, Teenage Pregnancy and/or Marriage, education for all, Child abuses (child labour, corporal punishment, child neglect, child trafficking, land use and ownership, environmental protections etc.).

As part of AAD-SL’s protection, psychosocial wellbeing in relation to emotional as well as physical wellbeing of its targets will be addressed through this thematic area. Therefore, improvement in the psychosocial wellbeing of AAD-SL’s targets will be enhanced through Creative Practical Arts and Physical Health Education and life skills (l-Deal, She-Deal, Big-Deal and Teachers-Deal). Children’s participation and wellbeing will influence their lives to grow up as healthy abled adults. Therefore, the programme will support activities associated with games and sports, drama and cultural events (such as community/cultural festivals).

The programme through this thematic focus will promote activities associated to health and nutrition to further determine the wellbeing of its targets and their communities. This could be done through HIV/ AIDS and Malaria prevention, nutrition, hygiene promotion and Water and Sanitation. AAD-SL will either establish or work through existing structures such as schools, local authorities, clubs and associations to realise the desired outcome.

Distribution of food items to quarantine homes.

Beneficiaries from quarantine homes